JA Bluestone life and disability insurance

About J&A Bluestone

Specializing in Life, Health and Disability Insurance for Business Owners and Executives for Over 30 Years

J&A Bluestone has been in the insurance business for 30 years. We work in the areas of life, health and disability insurance for business owners and executives in New Jersey. Beginning in the early 1990’s, we became passionate about the need for Long Term Care Insurance. Over the last 20 years, we’ve focused on educating professionals and the community in the value of this coverage including why businesses are particularly suited to this benefit and how NJ and NY partnership may be used to further protect insureds. We work very closely with accounting firms, fee- only planners and elder law attorneys to make sure our plans conform with the goals and values of our joint clients.

Our Promise

We at J&A Bluestone strive to help our clients identify what protections they need for themselves and their families at a cost that is affordable. We work jointly with our clients to create the best plans for them based on their individual situations. We shop the marketplace for the products that are the most appropriate based on age, health and finances. Most importantly, we value our existing relationships with our New Jersey based clients.

We work with them annually to review their insurance plans providing advice, education and information on new products as they become available. We feel great pride in the long term relationships we have formed over the years and we understand that our clients depend on us in their time of need.

About Amy

amy_headshotAmy Bluestone Klein CLU, CLTC has been in the insurance business for 30 years in her own company J & A Bluestone. She has worked in the areas of life, health, and disability insurance for business owners and executives.

Beginning in the early 1990’s Amy became passionate about the newest insurance product on the market known as long term care insurance.

Over the last 20 years she has been educating her clients, giving seminars, and working with elder law attorneys and financial advisors to help them design plans for their clients.


  • Designing Plans for both individual and businesses
  • Seminar presentations to accountants, lawyers, wealth managers as well as community groups including rotary and senior organizations in the areas of group health, life disability and long term care planning
  • Carving out key executives for disability and long term care insurance
    Implementing disability buy/out and overhead expense plans
  • Designing partnership and stock redemption plans for life insurance buy/out and deferred compensation
  • Estate planning including second-to-die life insurance coverage
  • Long term care planning for individuals and multi-life groups

Our Plans

  • Life insurance
  • Health Insurance (group and individual)
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance