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Specializing in Life, Long Term Care, Disability and Group Health Insurance

J&A Bluestone works in the areas of life, long term care, disability, and group health insurance for individuals, executives and business owners in New York and New Jersey.

Beginning in the early 1990’s, as the marketplace introduced long term care insurance, Amy Bluestone understood the necessity and became passionate about educating clients and professionals about the importance of this valuable coverage.

Long Term Care Insurance has become a foundation of our business. Whether it’s life, long term care, disability, or group health, we work closely with our clients and their advisors to make sure our plans meet the goals and values of our clients.

Our Promise

We, at J&A Bluestone, strive to help our clients identify what protections they need for themselves and their families at a cost that is affordable.

We are committed to creating the best plans for our clients depending on their individual situations. We shop the marketplace for the products that are the most appropriate based on age, health, and finances. Most importantly, we value our existing relationships with all our clients in New York, New Jersey and across the country.

Our annual reviews are designed to ensure that we are continuing to meet our clients’ needs for protection for their loved ones. We offer advice and education as new products become available. We feel great pride in the long term relationships we have formed over the years and we understand that our clients depend on us in their time of need.

Amy Bluestone Klein

Amy Bluestone Klein CLU, CLTC has been in her family insurance business for 30+ years. J & A Bluestone has specialized in the areas of life, long term care, disability, and group health for individuals, executives, and business owners.

Amy understands that clients have many options when it comes to buying insurance protection. J & A Bluestone strives to educate and provide the best policies and service for their clients to ensure peace of mind when protecting their loved ones.

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