The Holidays will look very different this year but it will still be a time for family, friends and those we love to gather in the safest way possible.

As we come together (even if by zoom), we will share memories, tell stories, laugh and yes, talk about serious topics too. One of the most important conversations  is planning for the future and making sure we continue to build our wealth and protect our savings.

Long Term Care Insurance does exactly that. If we need custodial care in our own homes or in a facility,  a long term care insurance policy whether traditional or a hybrid protects our savings and does much more. Life Happens is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide unbiased information to help us all make smart insurance choices to protect our loved ones. Here’s what they say about why we need long term care insurance:

  • It protects your assets
  • It takes pressure off your family
  • It gives you care options
  • It may come with life insurance protection
  • It puts you in control and gives you peace of mind

Talking now about long term care insurance is good timing if a traditional policy is appealing to you. Mutual of Omaha, a fine company with the last remaining benefit-rich traditional product, is about to replace it with a new more costly one.

I encourage you to look at Mutual of Omaha’s brochure on “Understanding Why People Buy Long Term Care Insurance” and check out
Download Brochure: Understanding Long Term Care Insurance

Make the time to learn why you and those your love need to take control of your future, protect your families and your nest eggs.