The Crucial and Impressive Work of the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative

old-young“America faces an enormous challenge in figuring out how to address and pay for the long-term needs of aging Baby Boomers and the generations that will follow them. We need to imagine ways to shift from a more welfare-based financing system to a primarily insurance-based system that meets the needs of individuals and their caregivers. We need to have an honest discussion of the obligations we have to each other.”Stuart Butler Senior Fellow The Brookings Institution & member of the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative

What is the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative?

The Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative is one initiative of the non-profit Convergence Center for Policy Resolution. The Collaborative has brought together national experts and stakeholders who cross ideological divides with a common goal: to improve the way Americans pay and prepare for the non-medical care needed by our frail elders and people living with disabilities. Today, 10-12 million adults require supports to help them maintain the best possible quality of life, a number that is expected to double by 2030.
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