J&A Bluestone Testimonials

Specializing in Life, Health and Disability Insurance for Business Owners and Executives for Over 30 Years

Amy Bluestone is hardworking, ethical, and a pleasure to work with. She has been advising me on my insurance needs for about 15 years and I appreciate the energy she puts into finding the right product for me at the right price.

Jeff D

I first met Amy when I was a chiropractor practicing in New York. We worked together on individual disability coverage, group health and personal life insurance. Since I had a business partnership with my mother who was then age 70 and since she was a key person in my business, Amy suggested that instead of funding a pension plan, we should fund a permanent life insurance policy on my mother’s life. That suggestion for retirement planning showed me how creatively Amy could apply sound financial reasoning to my unusual situation. I lost my mother last summer but I am consoled in the knowledge that she received great satisfaction in helping me create financial security in my life.

Dr Henry B

Amy Bluestone and my accounting firm have shared a mutual client relationship for about 10 years. She is my personal agent along with being our firm’s advisor regarding life, health and long term care insurance with our clients. The ability to work together with Amy and utilize her areas of expertise has been most beneficial to our clients and us.

Michael H

Amy has always been more interested in finding the right policy and coverage for us than in making a larger sale, which has created a high level of trust. We have worked together on my personal life and disability insurance as well as our business health insurance. Most recently Amy put together a multi-life long term care plan for the principals and the spouses of our business.
Over the past 20+ years, my level of respect and trust for Amy has grown and I look forward to working together for many more years.

Paul B

As a wealth management firm we are often faced with the question of whether our wealthy clients “need” long term care insurance. Working with Amy, we analyzed the trade offs between self-insurance and purchasing an insurance policy to cover the costs. Amy’s passion about this product and her knowledge in the different products and benefits were instrumental in convincing us to encourage long term care coverage for our clients and implement a plan for ourselves.

Marilyn P

Amy was the first person I called when my husband passed away. Amy’s help in getting our claim paid was invaluable.

Sue C

As an independent broker Amy can offer my clients at my elder law firm a variety of products tailored to their needs. After working with her I was satisfied with her technical knowledge of long term care insurance and its obvious place in the planning process for seniors as either an alternative or a supplement to private pay medical spend down.

Donald M

I have heard Amy present information on a long term care planning at a lunchtime meeting of the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA). Her presentation was very practical and useful. She is not only a believer in her product but is helpful to work with and very experienced in her field.

Elizabeth M