The Time to Act Is Now!

Every so often in the insurance world, we get a little window of opportunity to do something great for ourselves before we can’t anymore. We have that window from now to June.
Most of us are very familiar with family and friends needing help taking care of themselves. We are no longer surprised to hear about people living into their 90’s and even 100’s.

We know the costs for long term care are astronomical and that neither the government nor health insurance will cover these costs.  And by now we are somewhat familiar with long term care insurance. We know we should figure out if we need it but we’ve heard it’s expensive and we simply do not want to deal with a new expense in our lives.

What most people have not faced is the reality that they and members of their family will likely need care in the future and without a long term care insurance policy the burden of care and cost will be on the shoulders of their loved ones. In fact, the National Caregiver’s Association’s research revealed in 2014 US families providing free care to their loved ones was equivalent to spending $522 billion dollars.

So what is this window of opportunity all about?

A unique option found in only one company’s long term care policy is one that pays a cash benefit and that option that will no longer be available after June of this year.

People love a cash benefit because:

  • Once on claim, the insurance company sends a monthly check to the insured.
  • The care can be provided by anyone the insured chooses including the spouse or family member, a friend, neighbor, nurse, or an au pair from Sweden.
  • With a cash benefit the cost of care is less and people can stay home longer.
  • No bills need to be submitted.

The underwriting is strict but for those who qualify, there is no policy on the market that is as wonderful as a cash policy.

The time to act is now. Please spread the word and contact us if you would like more information.

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